Planning has begun!

So, this trip is happening!  In the middle of August 2018, myself and two friends will begin a mini-adventure into the North West Highlands of Scotland, by motorcycle.  We’re based in the midlands where the counties of Northamptonshire, Warwickshire and Leicestershire meet.  Our journey will start with a long trudge up the M6 into Scotland, as far as Loch Lomond, a fine place to begin the adventure proper the following morning.  The first night’s accommodation is already reserved.

The NC500 (North Coast 500) route hugs the west coast snaking north to eventually arrive at John O Groats.  I’ve already decided no to do this full route, instead going as far as Tongue before then working our way south from there.  I’d like to keep the journey in mountainous terrain and the eastern coast is significantly flatter than the west.

We are going to do a mix of hotel and camping for the trip.

There’s a lot to plan, both the logistics of daily mileage and feeling stops, to the equipment we need to take, but we’ve made a start and it’s an exciting trip to look forward to…

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